Cable TV (Sales)

To get information about package, weather it is active or expired following message will display on television screen.

  • E-14 with subscription expired message
  • Product and subscription detail in CA > Entitle-Information under Menu with subscription date and its validation date.

To recharge account need to contact your local operator or collector agent.

You can contact your nearby operator or Max Office Head office, for new connection.

To know your nearby operator please visit maxdigitaltv.com or Contact Head office.

In home, if subscriber is having more than one STB, first STB is treated as primary STB (First STB) and remaining box are Slave STB’s (Second STB). Max TV is giving attractive discount in subscription on slave STB.

Online payment system is in process. Very Soon you can recharge your account digitally.

MAX TV is offering flexible packages and plans to subscribers. Primarily we have 2 regular packages Silver (30+HD channels) and Platinum (100+HD channels). The price plan varies according to the packages and time. For the updated and recent plans please visit www.maxdigitaltv.com, Contact Head Office or nearest Cable operator for detail.

We don’t have STB limitation for operator. For residential purpose, a single user can subscribe up to 4 STB’s whereas for commercial purposes a subscriber can subscribe minimum 5 STB’s.

For location change you need to update your operator and or contact to Max Digital TV Head Office.

You can upgrade your package anytime on contacting to your operator. Remaining balance will be transferred to upgraded package.

For Digital CATV, each TV requires Set Top Box.

Set top Box is on rental and has insurance except for the physical damage. So, if STB can be repaired, it will be either repaired or replaced by new STBs. Please contact to your cable operator for in case of any damage of STBs. Where as in case of any damage in accessories like remote control unit, cable, adaptor, company doesn’t indemnify the same. Customer at your own shall replace at minimum cost.

Temporarily you can suspend your account. If you need to suspend your account more than 3 months, you need to return STB to operator.

Cable TV (Technical)

Traditionally, cable TV communication is one way, end user has no choice to choose the contents they want to see. But, with the help of interactive two-way feature, anyone can watch YouTube, Video-On Demand, Catch Up TV, shopping’s etc. without Internet. Network is designed in such a way that you can surf internet by adding router to existing co-axial Cable.

It depends upon the error displayed on TV.

  • First unplug and plug all the cables behind Set Top Box and perform factory default (Menu>Settings>Factory Default with Password 0000).
  • Ensure whether the channels are searching properly.
  • Collect and update information on the box of entitlement information, CA information, software version and report to local operator or Head office Customer Support.
  • If your box is receiving proper signal then a green light along with red light in box will glow.
  • If your set top box is not receiving the signal, TV screen will also display No Signal message.

It denotes that either there is no package in your box or your subscribed package does not contain this channel.